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When you sign up, you will be issued a dedicated suite/mailbox number that must be included on all addressed mail sent to you. If your mail does not include the suite number, it might be returned to the sender by USPS or the carrier. It is not necessary to include the suite number on your website.

Members can log in to the website with their unique login and update their payment information at any time.

If you wish to add additional names or business names, simply email us. There is an additional fee of $10/month per personal name or business name, up to a maximum of four names per account.

Absolutely, we scan mail to your email upon receipt. We do not open the mail and scan the contents unless you specifically request that we do so by sending us an email. There is no charge for scans up to 5 pages.

Local and regional companies, entrepreneurs, and professionals use us as a business address and office center.

Simply put our service. We care about our members and do our utmost to make sure that we address their business needs promptly, professionally, and with care. We provide a lot more for less, charging very low rates for our services and on-demand fees.

Yes. We must receive an email prior to pick-up with their name. They must provide ID at the time of mail pick-up.

Yes. We are not a PO box. Our staff is on-site daily to assist you and accept your mail.

If you sign up on-line, you can open your Hamptons office today. As soon as you sign up, you'll be able to start using your new Southampton mailing address for all your business and/or personal needs. You can use our address for all personal mail matters, your website, business cards, and much more. Once you have uploaded your IDs on-line, and we confirm your identity and have received your notarized CMRA mail form, you are issued a suite/mailbox number to begin using immediately.

When you cancel your service with HVOC, it is important you change your mailing address with the post office and Department of State if you are a business.   HVOC will forward all mail to your new address for six months following cancellation, per USPS regulations and at your cost. If we do not receive a forwarding address, your mail will be returned to sender for the six months following cancellation.